Feature Spotlight: Fully Customizable Reporting

If you’re relying on CRM software to manage your company’s ad sales, chances are you are relying on the reports it can provide to evaluate your success. But are your built-in reports measuring the metrics most important to you?

At Ad Sales Genius, we kept observing a similar trend among owners, managers, and stakeholders who came to us frustrated with their current CRM solution: confusing or limited reporting options were limiting their ability to quickly measure success and keep tabs on the metrics most important to them.

Yet another case, it seems, of companies forced to adapt their processes to their software. Naturally, we went to work to create a better way to manage reporting for companies who sell ads.

Easy Setup for Repeated Viewing

Our reports overview page allows you to set up the reports you need—fast. Just select the type of report you want to run, customize the types of data you want to measure, and you’re done. You can analyze your data by drilling down simply by clicking on the data and view your report in a variety of tables and charts to best suit your needs.

When you’re satisfied with your report, save the report for easy viewing later or add it to your dashboard. You are also able to export to a CSV or Excel file, download a PDF, or print—even have it automatically email you the reports on a schedule.

An Ad Sales CRM That Feels More Like a Partnership

If you’re feeling constrained by your current ad sales software, contact Ad Sales Genius to schedule a free demo today. We’re excited to show you how our solution can adapt to the way your company works—keeping you in control of your growth, your team, and your clients.

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