Feature Spotlight: Full RingCentral Phone Integration

We’re excited to announce a bigger, better RingCentral phone integration with our software Now, you can count on your RingCentral calls automatically line up with the data within Ad Sales Genius—no manual logging necessary.

This means your sales reps can call contacts—via the RingCentral app on their mobile devices, laptops, or within Ad Sales Genius—and automatically log their call success (including voicemail), call times and durations, and more.

Not only does this integration keep sales reps more organized and reduce repetitive work, it also provides better, more accurate call reporting data for sales managers and business stakeholders.

Your Business Deserves Smart Ad Sales Software

Whether you’re running a magazine, an event marketing business, an online ad agency, or selling digital out-of-home, Ad Sales Genius provides the CRM software tools you need to work faster, communicate better, and sell smarter.

Interested in learning more? Check out our product overview page to learn more about how Ad Sales Genius can help your business—or contact us now to schedule a free demo of our platform.

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