Feature Spotlight: Flat Planning for Magazines and Publishers

From checking on the progress of pages assigned to your production team to ensuring ad placements are accurate, an effective flat planning process can help keep your publication’s team in sync to ensure a quality final product

At Ad Sales Genius, we took that idea one step further. Our flat planning drag and drop, making it easy to learn and simple to use, and it’s also fully integrated into our other CRM features. This means from the point of an ad sale, to the production of an ad itself, to layout and editorial flow, your team can keep track of your ads from start to finish.

Our flat planning feature also makes the process of including tear sheets on invoices effortless. Now accounting can focus on accounting and avoid the countless hours of handling tear sheets.

Drag and Drop Interface and Full inDesign Integration

Need to move a page, insert an ad, or flow your editorial around your insertions? Just drag and drop the pieces into place in our flat planning interface. No complicated menus or commands necessary.

With our optional Adobe inDesign plugin, you can take this idea one step further by syncing changes within inDesign with your flat plan in Ad Sales Genius. This not only keeps your entire team in the loop on the progress of your latest publication, it also eliminates the chances of sending the wrong version of an ad or page layout to print.

Manage Magazines, Coupon Books, and Other Publications

From sales tools that allow you to track prospects and grow your business, to powerful publication features like flat planning and automated PDF preflighting, to accounting integrations that make invoicing a snap, Ad Sales Genius is just plain smarter than the average CRM software

Find out how Ad Sales Genius can help you manage your magazine or publication. Schedule a free, no obligation demo today! Our team is ready to show you how our easy-to-use platform can be tailored to your business processes to help increase productivity, client happiness, and employee satisfaction!

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