Feature Spotlight: Auto-Renewing Products

Performing repetitive or duplicate work isn’t just inefficient, it’s bothersome for the people who have to do it. When it comes to ad sales—whether for publishing, out-of-home, online, or expo/event planning—you want to be able to enter the advertiser’s data as efficiently as possible. Not only so you can keep selling, but also others on your team can complete their work.

Manage Recurring Magazine Ads, Social Media Campaigns, SEM, PPC, Content Marketing and More

At Ad Sales Genius, we’re always looking for ways to make our software do more for our users. That’s why we offer auto-renewing products for our sales team users. Let’s say, for example, you sell a print and online display ad package to a national advertiser, and they are interested in running the package for the next six months.

With our built-in auto-renewal options, you can setup your products with just a few clicks. Specify the lead time for the renewal to appear on the contract, the details of your renewal, and the date you want to end your renewals. There are even options to copy special fees/discounts or customize the details of your auto-renewing sales based on your needs.

Billing can even be set up to work with auto-renewals via scheduled invoicing or secure online payment processing per interval!

You Deserve Smarter Ad Sales Software

Does your CRM help you work to the best of your ability, or is finding workarounds for missing or incomplete features taking time out of your day? If you answered the latter, schedule a free demo of Ad Sales Genius today.

Our dedicated team is ready to show you how easily our software can adapt to your business needs, from sales, to production, to accounting, so you can automate your repetitive work and focus on growing your ad sales!

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