Unlock Productivity by Eliminating Spreadsheets

It’s hard to dispute the easy productivity that spreadsheets offer to businesses across all types of media. From editorial planning, to commission schedules, to sales reporting, spreadsheets offer us an easy way to organize information and share it quickly. But spreadsheets can bring problems, too.

Namely, spreadsheets are good at helping us to accomplish a single type of task. This means, over time, you get something we here at Ad Sales Genius like to call “spreadsheet creep.” Every team maintains a spreadsheet for every type of task, and soon dozens of spreadsheets are necessary to maintain day-to-day productivity.

This means separate file names, locations, and user permissions. Onboarding new employees becomes cumbersome, and delivery is reliant upon the hope that each of the spreadsheets is correct—despite their inability to “talk” to each other.

Get Software That Centralizes Your Business Vitals

Spreadsheets don’t have to rule your day. With software that caters to your business needs, you can keep all of your information in one place. For most companies, that means finding a suitable CRM platform. However, many “cookie cutter” CRM/ERP software platforms may leave you patching holes with additional software or workarounds—thereby creating the same problem you had with spreadsheets, but with software solutions.

When you find the right software, you’ll experience the peace of mind of knowing your vital business information is all in one place and accessible by those who need it. No more rows or columns to add, no more formulas to remember, and no more color coding rows and columns! Finally, you’re liberated from your cells!

Media Companies Deserve a Tailored Ad Sales Software Solution

The above advice can apply to nearly any business running on a variety of documents and spreadsheets. In nearly any case, a proper CRM platform will have your business running smoother than going without.

But at Ad Sales Genius, we don’t build software to cater to every industry. Our software combines an extremely feature-rich, sales-focused CRM with production, delivery, and accounting features and integrations that keep your teams connected. Media companies, magazines, ad agencies, and out-of-home ad sales professionals rely on our CRM software as a turnkey business solution to connect their teams and drive productivity.

Whether you manage magazine ad sales, digital/programmatic ad sales, out-of-home advertising sales, or event/expo sponsorships and sales, our tools are built to help you succeed. Want to learn more? Schedule a free demo to experience Ad Sales Genius for yourself today!

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