Accurate beyond measure

"Money In/Out" just isn't enough. With Ad Sales Genius, you'll be able to automate workflows create accurate and timely invoices.

Automate your invoicing

Creating invoices can take up a lot of time. With Ad Sales Genius, you literally just click a box. All essential information is preconfigured during the sales process. This means fewer mistakes and less laborious data entry.

Stay in sync

We go to great lengths to synchronize with your existing accounting platforms. From Quickbooks, all the way to enterprise-level solutions, our integrations are far reaching.

Invoicing Rules for publishers
Payment Plans for magazine managers
Auto-Billing for billboards
Online Bill Pay for advertisers
Multi-currency for publishers
Multi-location for media sales
Magazine manager accounting software

General Ledger

Track payments to their final destination and get the complete audit trail.

Advertising CRM Commission Tracking


Whether it's pay-on-paid or pay-on-invoiced, you can fully configure your commission payments.

CPM, CPC, Billing

Delivery Billing

Bill your clients based on delivery targets such as impressions, clicks, hours, or copies sold.

Automate advertising billing

Tear sheets

Include digital tear sheets with your invoices - showing thumbnails and the ad placed on-page.

How we help other departments


Our powerful CRM allows for prospecting, followups, forecasting, proposals, custom fee structures, and so much more.

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We've built tools that ensure a seamless handoff between sales and production and cover all aspects of insertion management.

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