Are Your Unexplored CRM Leads “Fair Game”?

No matter how convincing your pitch or how wonderful your product, you’re going to have sales prospects who choose not to become paying clients. Maybe their budget was cut, or they failed to get approval from a stakeholder, or perhaps they simply got busy and fell out of contact. But that was then, and this is now.

So, what steps are your sales reps taking to ensure no lead goes idle for too long? With Ad Sales Genius, you don’t have to worry about that—your idle leads are now “fair game.”

How Does “Fair Game” Work?

Fair Game is simple. When an advertiser account hits the specified number of days since a specified action, they move into a shared pool that encourages reps to claim the account and make contact.

Fair Game encourages frequent contact to keep your advertiser relationships strong. It also ensures no stone is left unturned among your prospects and within your book of business, so you can:

  • Secure every last ad placement on your upcoming print book.
  • Locate new sponsorship partners for your next event.
  • Prospect for your latest and greatest geofencing campaigns.

Sometimes, the best ad sales opportunities are already waiting in your CRM software. Now with Fair Game, you can create a contact list for you reps to reach out and find them!

Your Business Deserves Smart Ad Sales Software

Whether you manage a magazine or sell outdoor digital, your sales reps deserve CRM software that can adapt to your business needs for years to come. Find out how Ad Sales Genius can tie your sales, production, and accounting into a single powerful, easy-to-use platform. Schedule a demo today.

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