Compare Issues to Uncover Ad Sales Opportunities

If you manage a magazine, the following scenario probably sounds familiar. Your sales reps are trying to fill your upcoming issues, and you know there are easy opportunities to fill those ad placements. But where do you look first without physically digging through previous issues?

The answer may be more obvious than you think—software capabilities permitting: let your ad sales CRM do the digging for you by running a report that compares last year’s issue with the issue you’re trying to fill!

Populate Qualified Sales Prospect Lists—Fast

There are few easier ways to put together a quick-hit list of qualified prospects than drilling down into who purchased advertising from you for the same issue one year prior. Chances are, these prospects are:

  1. Familiar with the impact that advertising upon their business.
  2. Comfortable with the ad rates you offer.
  3. Likely to spend on advertising for the same time of year.

By comparing your previous year’s issue with your current one, you can quickly find opportunities in your book of business and start systematically calling, emailing, or meeting your most qualified prospects, one by one.

Of course, there are more in-depth plans of attack to win over your prospects. But for quick fills, a simple report can help you fill the gaps in your upcoming book and get to print.

Get Ad Sales Software Trusted by Magazine Publishers

Ad Sales Genius was designed to work with businesses that sell advertising, whether they sell print, outdoor, online, expos/events, or any combination thereof. With publishing-friendly features that require no custom development or coding, more magazine managers than ever trust us to handle their sales, production, delivery, and accounting from start to finish.

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