Nei-Turner Media Group: Client Success Case Study

Ad Sales Genius has transformed the way Nei-Turner runs their day-to-day media business.
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Why the Switch to Ad Sales Genius?

Nei-Turner Media Group has more than 20 years of publishing experience in the Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, region and beyond. Their print publications include travel and tourism magazines and guides, home and garden magazines, and meeting planning publications. Additionally, Nei-Turner has more than a decade of event management experience—currently five regional events, including beer festivals and specialized expos.

In addition to print and events, the company also offers marketing services, including branding, graphic design, videography/photography, media planning, digital marketing, press releases, and more.

The company's existing CRM was already lacking modern features. So, after acquiring another publishing company that used a separate magazine-centric CRM product, Nei-Turner went on the hunt for a new advertising software platform that could handle multiple publications, frequency, event space, and digital. They also needed invoicing to sync with QuickBooks.

After evaluating four competing CRM products, their choice was clear—Ad Sales Genius can handle it all.

The Result

Ad Sales Genius' intuitive software features has transformed the way Nei-Turner runs their day-to-day media business. Sales reps no longer need to create proposals in Microsoft Word, accounting no longer has to enter data more than once, and full DocuSign integration helps each deal get finalized faster.

"I love DocuSign, and the goals we can set by project so I can see everyone’s progress on one screen. I used to have a white board in my office with this data!"

Barb Krause, Publisher, Nei-Turner Media Group

According to Barb Krause, Nei-Turner's publisher, the company's sales reps love when their contracts are automatically set to ‘won’ after a DocuSigned contract is returned by a customer. Additionally, the accounting team likes that the sales team can see when payments have been made, and they can send out statements through Ad Sales Genius.

Per Barb, "We like the fact that we can store credit cards online and set up automatic payment plans. Managing cash flow takes time and we didn’t have any automation for keeping track of payment plans before. Now, we encourage our reps to get the credit card number right away—and even request down payments."

For Nei-Turner, the future is bright with Ad Sales Genius as their ad sales software. Barb acknowledges that switching the software that runs your business is a transition that always takes patience and planning, but she adds, "My new reps can't believe how much [Ad Sales Genius] does for them!"

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