Calls, Emails, or Appointments? Play to Your Strengths.

So you’ve set up activity tracking for your sales team, and you’re monitoring the types of actions your reps are taking to close their sales. Great! The next question many sales managers often ask is, “How many calls, emails, and appointments should each of my reps be completing?”

It’s easy to stick to a quota for each of these activities—especially calls and emails—when you look at sales activity tracking data by itself. However, if you compare the types of actions your reps are completing against their results, you can create targets that play to their strengths and minimize their weaknesses.

Varied Communication Styles Can Be Beneficial

Here’s the deal. If you shoot for 100 calls per week out of each of your sales reps, you can probably convince them to reach that goal. But what if one of your reps is a master of in-person meetings, or another of your reps is a great persuasive writer?

If one of your sales reps is continually coming up short in calls, but is a top sales performer and prefers email, consider setting their personal activity goal to cater to their communication style and set the bar higher for emails.

Not only are you pushing for greater results based on hard ad sales CRM data—you’re also fostering a more positive work environment for your rep to perform at their best. It’s a win-win.

Ad Sales Software Reporting Matters

Whether you run a magazine, a media sales company, or an event organization, you need thorough sales data reporting software that allows you to adapt your products and processes to changing business conditions. If your software isn’t allowing you to run the reporting you need to get the data you want to see, it’s time to reconsider the software you use to run your company.

At Ad Sales Genius, we built our CRM software to provide tens of thousands of reporting combinations, with features that let you share with specific permissions, display the data how you want, and even email the report automatically at intervals you choose. Schedule a free, personalized demo today to see our ad sales reporting tools at work!

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