Are Your Invoices Creating New Ad Sales Opportunities?

How long has your business been using the same old invoice layout? That’s a question that most businesses don’t take the time to consider. After all, to most businesses, invoices really only serve one purpose: to collect the money you’re owed.

But what if your invoices did more than just collect? What if they also helped you sell more ads? Good news! They can. And with just a few simple changes, your invoices can become a powerful sales tool.

The Power of Custom Advertising Invoices

The businesses that you are already invoicing have taken a big first step by advertising with you. A custom-branded invoice layout with space to showcase your new and exciting ad products can help drum up interest in furthering that relationship.

Examples of maximizing the utility of your branded invoice layouts include:

  • Plugging your latest event sponsorship package.
  • Creating a buzz around your newest digital offerings.
  • Spreading the word about ad rate discounts or promos.

Is Your Ad Sales Accounting Software Up to the Task?

If you feel powerless over how your business’ invoices look and feel, it’s time to ask yourself if your accounting software is up to the task.

With Ad Sales Genius, creating custom invoice templates is easy. You can pre-configured content blocks with just a drag and drop, or even add custom merge tags to display CRM data within content on the invoice. And our invoice templates are built to utilize the open-source liquid markup language, which allows for ultimate customization above and beyond the options built into our software.

Ad Sales Genius also features a full two-way integration with QuickBooks, and our advertising billing platform works with many other popular accounting suites to provide total control over your accounts receivable. Submit the form below to schedule a free, personalized demo of Ad Sales Genius today!

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