Ad Sales Reps: Where Do You Start?

Whether you’re a “green” sales rep or a seasoned veteran, there will always be days where you show up to work and ask, “Where do I start?”

Maybe you work for a magazine, and you’re trying to sell your last few ad placements before your deadline. Or perhaps you’re an event marketer looking for local sponsors at your next foodie event. Whatever the case may be, the problem is the same: You have a CRM full of hundreds (or thousands) of prospects, a phone, and a computer monitor staring back at you. Now what?

Ad Sales Software Should Make Prospecting Simple

“Tell me who I should be calling to make my next potential sale.” It sounds like a simple task for software that stores every potential lead tied to your business. But if your CRM is a one-size-fits-all solution, it may not be equipped to serve up prospects in a way that truly helps ad sales reps like you.

With Ad Sales Genius, we’ve made the process easy for any rep to get into the software and start selling. With one click, you can filter your accounts by factors like last date of contact, contract expiration date, or last line item. Boom. You now have a call list you can start prospecting.

Auto generating prospecting lists is a great, time-saving feature for reps who are:

  • Taking over another rep’s accounts.
  • New to the job and need a starting place.
  • Trying to quickly fill gaps to meet goals and/or deadlines.

Paired with our new “Fair Game” feature that rewards reps for staying on top of their accounts, sales managers can take solace in the fact that Ad Sales Genius is helping their teams maximize their books of business.

Increase Your Reps’ Efficiency With Ad Sales Genius

At Ad Sales Genius, we know that even the best software cannot replace a talented sales rep. What it can do, however, is provide them with every tool they need to sell more ads. Schedule a demo of Ad Sales Genius today to learn how we can help your sales team work smarter.

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