Ad Sales Genius Offers Custom Status

March 12, 2018 – Nashville, Tennessee

Ad Sales Genius is proud to announce that status fields have been added throughout the Ad Sales Genius Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solution. 

The fields are fully customizable and can be added to: Products, Insertions, Editorial, Flat Plan Pages, Contacts, and Advertisers.  You can use these statuses for custom searches, sorting, and grouping items together.

A customer who used this feature said, “I love how I can easily see the status of our Production team by knowing where they are in the process.  We added custom fields that allow the team to see if the ad needs to be picked-up in person, created, or waiting on approval from the customer.  These custom fields take the guesswork out of where we are and what needs to happen.”

By incorporating these fields into your data, you are able to search and soft like never before!  You are in control of your information, how you view it, and what you see when you use the preferred Ad Sales Genius CRM for all of your advertising, publishing, and event management needs!

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