Ad Sales Genius Launches Monthly Ad Sales Report

May 1, 2019

Ad Sales Genius launched its Ad Sales Report today, a monthly web-based report that measures ad sales trends from the company’s anonymized CRM data drawn from a variety of media industries.

The Ad Sales Report allows publishers, online advertisers, out-of-home sales professionals, and event/expo planners to gauge their performance against averaged data measured by its powerful CRM sales reporting tools.

Finally, a Report to Benchmark Your Company’s Ad Sales

Ad Sales Genius CEO/Owner, Joel Pape, states, “I’ve lost count of the number of media sales conference attendees I’ve heard wishing for numbers to compare their business to others within their industries. Ad Sales Genius handles more than a billion dollars in ad sales across thousands of media properties. It only felt natural to build the Ad Sales Report to present our data to stakeholders and sales professionals in an easily digestible way—whether or not they use our CRM.”

Ad sales trends measured in the report include print sales, digital sales, average rate card discount, total year-to-date sales, and more..

“We welcome feedback from ad sales professionals on other data points they wish to see measured in our monthly report,” says Pape, who states the report is built to adapt to the ever-changing media sales industry.

See Our Ad Sales Report Now

The Ad Sales Report is available to anyone as a snapshot of just some of the data that is available anytime to Ad Sales Genius customers. Business stakeholders and ad sales professionals can view the most current report at or subscribe to the newsletter to get it delivered to their inbox each month.

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