Ad Sales Genius Integrates with DocuSign

February 6, 2017 – Dallas, Texas

Ad Sales Genius fully integrates their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software with DocuSign. When sending a proposal to a customer, you can request that they review the proposal and agree to the terms and conditions by returning a signed copy via DocuSign.

DocuSign services are offered either by subscription or for free as an app.  Ad Sales Genius allows for the entry of a single DocuSign account so you can send proposals directly to your customer and request their signature.  Signatures and documents are encrypted, then treated with a hash to reveal whether the document has been tampered with or compromised.

One customer stated, “We use the free version of DocuSign which helps minimize our expenses while at the same time ensuring that the customer agrees with the proposal we send to them.  This has significantly helped out when we have to refer back to the contract to collect money or to confirm what the customer agreed to at the time of sale.”

However, if you have a DocuSign Professional account, it will email recipients an electronically signed document requesting review of a document after it is uploaded.  Each party must agree to complete business electronically, review the document and apply a signature.  Signatures may be added from a stored copy of a signature or generated automatically by the software.   All signed proposals are then converted to a contract and stored within the advertiser’s account, easily accessible for your review. 

You can learn more about Ad Sales Genius, schedule a demo, and even sign up for a free trial account by clicking here

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