5 Ways Ad Sales Genius Can Make Your Business Leaner and Meaner

At Ad Sales Genius, we’re laser focused on helping publishers and media companies maximize productivity and increase revenue potential.

Wondering what that means for your business? Here are five ways our CRM software can help you build a leaner and meaner media business.

1. Automate Your Invoicing

With Ad Sales Genius, invoices can be generated automatically and sent to clients based on your rules. You can also automate collections with payment reminders—or even setup automatic online payments and skip the collections process all-together.

2. Fully Sync Your CRM With QuickBooks Online

Ad Sales Genius makes time-consuming reconciliation of your accounting software platforms a thing of the past. With our robust two-way QuickBooks Online integration, your ad sales financials will always be accurate and up-to-date across platforms. (This is particularly handy for accounting teams that are working from home!)

3. Eliminate Duplicate Data Entry

Think about the steps that must occur for an ad sale to flow from proposal to payment. Contract creation. Ad request. Production. Delivery. Invoicing. This is where Ad Sales Genius shines. Your sales data flows from proposal to invoice seamlessly, eliminating duplicate tasks and potential errors. Finally, no more relying upon complex spreadsheets or scribbled post-it notes!

4. Facilitate Better Sales Prospecting

When it comes to drumming up more business, your CRM contains your most qualified prospects. Ad Sales Genius helps sales reps reach out and make deals happen with an array of easy-to-use prospecting tools. Get in front of your leads with automated phone lists, mass email features, and our “fair game” system that lets reps compete for ownership of leads after a period of no contact.

5. Strengthen Your Sales Reporting

Sales managers: how long does it take you to generate the reports you need to evaluate team performance? Ad Sales Genius has an extremely deep yet easy-to-use reporting system that can generate the reports you need to guide your business.

Drill down from millions of data combinations, choose the way you want the data to be displayed, and select who you want to have access. It’s that simple. You can pin vital reports to your dashboard or have them automatically sent via email at the interval of your choosing.

Take a Closer Look at Ad Sales Genius

Unlike one-size-fits-all CRM products, Ad Sales Genius was built from the ground up to help media businesses sell advertising and sponsorships. Whether you sell print, digital programmatic, outdoor, or events, we want to show you how our CRM software can help you increase your team’s efficiency. Schedule a personalized Ad Sales Genius demo now—just fill out the form below to get started.

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