3 Reasons Why E-Newsletter Advertising Is So Successful

Quick to brush off e-newsletters?. Think again!

E-newsletters are one of the most effective ways to keep your audience engaged with your business. And even if you already offer e-newsletter products, it’s time to reconsider the factors that make e-newsletters such a successful ad product and focus on pitching those virtues to your advertisers.

According to anonymized CRM sales trend data from Ad Sales Genius, email newsletter ad sales revenue has roughly doubled since early 2017. While there are many contributing factors at play, one simple fact remains: e-newsletter advertising is easy to sell because it provides tangible value to advertisers.

Take a look at your e-newsletter products, and think about how your sales team can evangelize them to advertisers.

3 Reasons Why E-Newsletter Advertising Works

  1. Your email subscribers trust your content to be valuable. Most brands can’t produce the types of content that build an audience like yours—and they know that. Advertising within your newsletter(s) provides an opportunity to link their brand values to yours and strengthen their reputation with your readers.
  2. The data is easy to digest. Subscriber numbers, open rates, and audience data are measurable and easy to digest. Your sales team can quickly communicate why your newsletter products are an effective marketing vehicle.
  3. Strong one-on-one connections with readers. Many who cite the efficacy of e-newsletters mention that good email content helps you build a one-on-one connection with your reader. Compare this to crowded social media feeds, and you can see how it’s easier to get noticed within an opt-in email than it is paying for a sponsored post on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Is Your Business Equipped to Maximize Ad Sales?

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