Sales always comes first

Our powerful CRM allows for prospecting, followups, forecasting, proposals, custom fee structures and so much more.

everything at your fingertips

Imagine, having everything you need to sell in one place. Ad Sales Genius combines all essential sales tools into a slick dashboard.

Get the full picture

What is happening when? What should I do next? Our visualized timeline shows you all activity related to an account. From closing sales and tracking commissions to assembling artwork and collecting payments, it's all visible at a glance.

Dig into the details

Looking for something specific? Find exactly what you're looking for with Ad Sales Genius' powerful filtering. Drill down, get the precise information you and use it to sell!

Take action

No need to switch apps or devices. Use Ad Sales Genius to work through your contact list. Make phone calls or send emails directly to clients and capture notes and actions along the way.


We know selling ads isn't as easy as applying a price to an insertion. Many sales pros like to sell packages, charge fees, create payment plans and add discounts or donations. When it comes to proposals, Ad Sales Genius gives you complete control.

Price the way you sell

Charge fees and apply discounts any way you like. You can even track trade-for-services and break them down by line item. Now, things like office services, gift cards, meals won't get lost in the mix.

Only show what matters

Some customers like things simple, others want to dive into the details. Create custom packages and reveal only what matters to your customer.

Streamline the close

Have clients sign on the dotted line - using our DocuSign integration. Gather credit card information, charge a prepayment and put them on an automatic payment plan.

Ensure a clean handoff

Sell the way that works fits your process while resting assured that the correct information gets passed into the system. With Ad Sales Genius, accounting and production will receive all the information they need.

How we help other departments


We've built tools that ensure a seamless handoff between sales and production and cover all aspects of insertion management.

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Money In/Out" just isn't enough. With Ad Sales Genius you'll be able to automate workflows and know when to invoice what.

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